About Us

Blue Pharaoh Music values all people.

A new and exciting young player in the music industry has been created to assist songwriters and singer/song writers to have a chance of representation of their work by developing individual strategies to suit each person or situation.

We are an organisation committed to working with you in setting your objectives, your goals for developing a career in the music industry.
Blue Pharaoh Music offers more than just publishing your music.

We are looking for upcoming songwriters, singer/song writers who are committed completely to their craft. We are looking for individuals who are coachable, who work with and within a team of dedicated personnel to achieve their goals.

Blue Pharaoh Music believes that relationships can only be achieved when we spend time with each person to gain an understanding of their dreams, skills and aspirations.

Networking through the various sections of the music community we will guide you to sound advisors to help secure the best deals possible for the product on offer, be it legal advice to recording studio requirements.

Blue Pharaoh Music believes that like all other businesses a successful business is built on integrity, commitment, planning, communication, great product and enduring relationships.