Our Expertise

Blue Pharaoh Music is a full-service music publishing agency run by musicians for musicians.

Our Philosophy is simple, we provide musicians with solutions, opportunities and facilities to achieve their potential.

At Blue Pharaoh Music we adopt a holistic approach which covers a large range of services. We are here to work with you.

Creating Music

We work with various music genres and provide the following services:

Co-writing –   music composition and lyric creation

Demo / Album Production – based on budget with full studio facilities either with or without producer / engineer

Premier studio access – based on budget with full studio facilities either with or without producer / engineer

Creating Opportunity

We work with musicians to understand their vision and dreams, and work towards achieving these goals within the reality of the music industry. Our services include:

Artist development– genre identification, song selection, vocal coaching, performance refinement

Brand development – album design, film clip and promotional photography facilities

Setting goals and objectives – based upon each situation and need identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Business plan development – a working document that incorporates a budget, time line and critical path highlighting mile stones to achieve

Implementation and review – breaking down the business plan into monthly action plans to follow and review

Apra/Amcos membership – strongly suggested to list and track works created allowing for your royalties to be collected from various societies around the world.

Publishing deals

Record Label – approaching the best suited record label based on genre and perceived market

Management – handover to the best suited management team to allow for further artist career development