85 Productions

85 is an innovative boutique creative agency and a digital media content driven
production company.

We have the experience, the contacts and the ‘know how’. Working with ideas and
innovation at our heart, we ignite ideas and concepts into visual content
Consisting of an entrepreneurial attitude where we think ‘Big’ & act ‘Fast’, we deliver
results with a network of experienced Producers, Directors, Editors, Idea Makers,
Designers, Developers and ACS winning cinematographers.

Catering to both sides of the spectrum, from ‘start – ups’ to the ‘big name players’,
content is created that positions, exposes and represents your brand in the
marketplace and captures attention on brief and on budget.


Not only do we create the ‘cool’, but we also produce the ‘corporate’, the
‘commercials’, the ‘events’ and ‘launches’, the long and short form ‘content’, ‘TV
promos’, and the music ‘clips’. Wether it be a stand – alone video, a concept, a social
media campaign or a content marketing plan, 85 has got it covered.

Services Include:

  • Creative Development
  • Conceptualiztion
  • Scripting
  • Producing
  • Casting Talent
  • Direction
  • Editing
  • Animation & Motion Graphics

If you seek that extra mile, we are also in direct contact with some of the leading PR companies, Web & App Designers, Illustrators, Graphic Artists and Photographers.