Look Away & Little Angel Featuring Erin Marshall

Look Away – music and lyrics by Steven Tagliaferro,

Little Angel – music and lyrics by Steven Tagliaferro,

Erin was chosen to sing ‘Look Away ‘ because her vocal is reminiscent of Christina Aguilera, the suggestion of a strong personality that represents mother nature in which so many women are often the stronger emotional support in families throughout the world. I asked Erin to express the feeling of a community in a state of being venerable attempting to reconcile with nature and coming to terms with the horror of the Victorian bush fires some years back.  Out of respect for the victims and the survivors we purposely held back the vocal but still leaving a feeling of the underlying strength in Erin’s capability.

Writing ‘Look Away’ began as a way of expressing how I was feeling watching the situation unfold before me on the TV. I wanted to create a song that dealt with the feelings being felt during and after those events and somehow making sense of it all.

‘Little Angel’ is simply a lullaby. In this situation Erin transcends to show her tender side to her listener.  The tune is simple and repetitive as is the case with many children’s favourites. The music box complements Erin’s vocal with beautiful piano interludes to support the each verse.

Blue Pharaoh Music would be pleased to work with Erin in future projects.