Jacqueline Lee Freestone – Photographer & Designer

Jacqueline Lee Freestone  – Photographer & Designer

Contact details:

Jacqui has a B.A in Graphic Design, she is “the go to girl” for Blue Pharaoh Music. Below are samples of her work.





Jacqui is also affiliated with Origami Studios and is the resident designer and photographer for them regularly working out of the B room. Jacqui is result driven for your artwork and photography. She’s creative, approachable, easy to work with and loves to shoot on location. Other interests include song writing, singing and furthering her education by attending UNSW completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Blue Pharaoh Music is happy to recommend Jacqui to future clients for:
  • Photo shoots both in the studio and on location 
  • Design of single/EP/Album cover artwork
  • Design of posters, flyers, MySpace/Facebook banners and other promotional paraphernalia.