Reese Szabo – Producer & Musician

Reese Szabo – Producer & Musician

Contact details:
Mobile. 0422 662 886

Reese Szabo is a producer, accomplished songwriter, pianist and session guitarist.

He recently made the shortlist as a finalist for the APRA Professional Development Awards for song writing and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Entertainment Management at the Australian Institute of Music. He spends most of his time in the B room at Origami Studios and pre-producing and recording artists.

Working on arrangements, lyrics, song structure, harmony or melody Reese can help prepare you for the final stages of recording and become an integral part of your overall recording process, while at the same time supporting your originality and vision.

Reese writes, sings and plays in the band Jolan which is set to release its first album this year with the much appreciated help of his manager Stuart Coupe at Laughing Outlaw Records.

Reese is also available for freelance work as a producer, session guitarist and composer across Sydney and the South Coast.