Roxanne Kiely – Vocal Coach

Roxanne Kiely – Vocal Coach

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Born and raised in a musical family in New Zealand, and writing songs from the age of seven, Roxanne Kiely has made, and continues to make a marked contribution to the international music industry, as a vocal coach, songwriter and performer, Co-founder and Director Of Operations of the not-for-profit songwriting organisation, Songsalive!, for 14 years, President of Songsalive! Australia and ASONG Director.

Her compositions have been featured on Australian television programs, advertising jingles and children’s shows, including Home and Away and World Around Us. ‘See The Difference’ is a collection of 12 original songs and is a self-funded independent release.  Roxanne has since produced further recordings, under her own name, as well as in collaboration with other writers, particularly her husband, Stephen via the band, “Prodigal Twins”  Roxanne’s song, Bad Hair Day is featured regularly on Australia All Over, with Ian MacNamara, on Sunday mornings ABC Radio 702.

Singing Teacher To The “Stars of Today” – Roxanne has many students already successful and high profile stars in the Australian entertainment industry. Her intense and creative lessons will allow you to find your voice and develop its potential.  ScoopFX Music School is situated in Sydney’s North West and comprises Roxanne and her husband, Stephen Kiely. Both are accomplished singers, musicians, performers and song-writers; who bring a wealth of knowledge to their lessons in vocal development, piano, guitar, bass guitar, music theory, and song-writing in one-on-one lessons.

Future Vision – Anyone who has met or worked with Roxanne in her capacity as a venue, workshop, showcase or event coordinator, quickly realises that they are dealing with a passionate supporter of the local music scene, and songwriters in particular. Her constant contact with all aspects of the industry, including print media, television, artist development companies, copyright associations, pubs, clubs and other venues, help keep her abreast of the rhythm which underlies constant change within the music scene. Not only as the President of Songsalive! Australia, but also in her capacity as teacher, producer, company director and, of course, songwriter, Roxanne remains focused on, and extremely excited about, the development of ASONG, and the potential for this organisation to create and foster great developments for Australian songwriters and singers, and the industry they serve.