Steven Manovski – Owner of Origami studios

Steven Manovski – Owner of Origami studios

also a Producer, engineer & Musician

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Steven’s story begins with his first recollection playing the keyboard bought at a garage sale, connected to a stereo and cassette player. This was his first studio he was all of six years.

Steve’s father was a drummer and Steve was eventually to become one himself. At the age of eleven he started plying with his dad’s band as the drummer.

He attended Newtown High School Performing arts where he met and worked with many talented muso’s and music industry professionals. This was a great place to expand his musical knowledge and work in many different musical genres like Jazz, Classical, Musical theatre and World music.

Steven has realised part of his dream which is to own and run his own studio, around two years ago he bought Origami Studios at Kirrawee.  Since then he has worked with many songwriters and artists. Artists such as Diana Rouvas (The Voice), Craig Woodward (Australia Idol), Creo, Tim Bowen, Aaron Lyon, Tonino Speciale, Joel Timpano, Nick Summerfield, Opallarma, Danny G Felix, Castlecomer to mention a few.

Other Producer /engineers he has or is working with are Anton Hagop and Reese Szabo.

Recent works that Steve has completed have been a major project for Andrew Butler titled Sailor’s Grave, Jolans’s release “Animation” and is completing the music to Steven Tagliaferro’s musical titled Stranger.  Steve has been instrumental in identifying the first single release for Stranger titled Turn to Dust due for release later in 2012.

Other work has been post-production voice overs for TVS’ successful TV show the Hook and the Cook and many various radio advertisements.

Origami has also held successful events such as open days, co-writing and music forums.

Steve still enjoys performing at regular weekly gigs.