Suzie Manning

Susie Manning is the new age rock and role model of this generation.

Bringing good music back to where it belongs. She has an in your face attitude to rebel against the wicked and open your eyes to see the real world and it’s potential.

At 23 she has lived almost every scenario, and brings it all together with her attitude, guitar riffs and her dreams.


My ultimate dream

I want to share my story with the world. I want to get to a place where I can truthfully say “it doesn’t matter what has happened, because I am living proof that anything can happen.”

To be a rock and role model that appeals to all walks of life. To rock out on a million stages, and get to the end of my life feeling satisfied that I gave it my all and didn’t hold back.


How I will get there:

All I have wanted for a while now, is someone who believes in me and has the right connections. I’ve met so many crap musicians. I don’t need crap.


My plan has been:

1. Meet the right people, take the right advice
2. Play my arse off and write some kick arse catchy songs. Bloody awesome guitar riffs! And I mean head bangingly awesome. But.. I guess I am a chick, so pop rock is acceptable (just). Lyrics that stay in your head for days.
3. Record! And do a good job at it. Mixing is important too. Make it perfect.
4. Get my stuff out, have some people behind me, possibly a band of I can form one, and interact with the stage and audience. Own that shi*.
5. Umm.. Rock! Yeah.